An online board meeting is a good way successful business development strategy to keep your board members engaged and make decisions without the time and expense of traveling. However there are some common issues that could hinder the effectiveness of your meetings and hinder board productivity.

Disconnections. Remote participants may have trouble connecting to a virtual conference unlike those who attend in person. While this may not be a major issue, it can create a feeling that there is a disconnect and reduce engagement levels. Make sure you provide a high-quality video conferencing solution that is simple to use and offers excellent sound quality.

Inadequate documentation. Minutes must be precise and clear. The minutes-taker must record all key discussions and decisions verbatim to avoid confusion later on. Also, you should think about investing in an electronic document management system that will allow for secure sharing and storage of meeting materials and documents.

The board members are not involved in a significant way. The camaraderie and discussions that occur in person between board members are difficult to replicate online. Try adding some break-out sessions, icebreakers or even a game, to your meeting.

Time constraints. The time limit to discuss each item at an online board meeting could be a major drawback. Make sure you set the proper amount of time for each discussion and adhere to it. Try not to overload your directors’ minds with topics that are difficult to discuss.