Antivirus software protects you from many kinds of threats including viruses, Trojans and worms. It also protects you against spyware, rootkits and scams. In the ideal scenario, you should find a program that also provides security features such as a password manager and virtual private network (VPN). A VPN protects your online activities to ensure that they aren’t monitored or intercepted. Additionally, some programs offer customer support via live chat or telephone and some even have extensive knowledge bases online to help you resolve issues.

The most effective antivirus is compatible with your operating system and shouldn’t use up too many resources. Those that consume too much power or memory could slow down your computer or even cause it to crash. Look for a program which updates its virus definitions on a regular basis. This helps protect your device against the most recent threats.

Many of the most well-known antivirus programs have been around since years. McAfee is a classic available in the market and is bundled in many laptops. Norton Power Eraser, its free tool, is a great option to online scanners. However it does not offer real-time protection or threat elimination tools like those offered by Norton 360, the premium suite.

Kaspersky is another name that is well-known, and whose products are sold at many major retailers. The Russian-owned company has been criticized for sharing information with the government, and for not condemning the military actions of Russia in Ukraine. Cybernews doesn’t endorse any of their products.