Board meetings are where important decisions are made about the direction, policies, and the operation of a business. Board meetings are a great way for directors to be up to the latest on all aspects of business and ensure that the business will achieve its goals.

It is important to review all relevant reports and updates before any deliberation or decision is taken. This includes financial reports, project updates, feedback surveys from customers, and other important information that could impact a Board decision.

Each board member should be provided with the information in advance of the meeting to ensure that any concerns or questions can be addressed promptly prior to the meeting of the full board. This is especially helpful if committee chairs are present and it will help to speed up the board meeting.

Being distracted by new topics of discussion during a board meeting can be a massive waste of time and distracts board members from the most important agenda items. To prevent this, a lot of boards include a «parking lot on their agendas, where they can set aside topics off-the-plan to be considered later, to ensure that the primary agenda items are first addressed.

The creation of a dynamic and comprehensive agenda and sticking to it consistently indicates that committee and board members and their views are considered. Taking the time to design an effective agenda can also help the meeting start on-time and conclude on time, leaving attendees feeling satisfied about the Board meeting experience.