The use of board portal software has become a standard element for organizations that wish to streamline the management of meetings to increase efficiency and improve governance. The trend is global and is driven by a variety of factors, including an increasing demand for greater transparency and risk reduction from regulators, a rise in the number of technology-literate leaders joining boards, as well as the capacity to reduce costs by gaining efficiency.

Modern board portals come with many features that let officials manage all aspects of their meetings from the same platform. They can reduce costs and time by utilizing a single system to manage tasks like document management, communication, and voting. This allows them to focus more on meeting preparation, and delivering high-quality information that helps in facilitating successful board meetings.

Board members should be able to access the latest data and documents to make informed decisions keeping with the company’s objectives. Digital board portals enable directors to collaborate with other directors on documents and make comments at the same time, regardless of location or device. They also offer the option to vote anonymously on sensitive issues.

Modern board portals provide a «anytime, anywhere» remote access that allows directors to connect from any device or at any location without the need for special software. Directors can work from their home, a restaurant, an airport, or in the field.