Data room costs can vary substantially based on the data room provider you choose. The cost-to-quality ratio will depend on which features the vendor provides and how many team members use the system, and whether you require advanced features for due diligence, M&A or project management. A good VDR should provide analytics capabilities that let the administrator monitor user performance and let users quickly locate the information they require. It should be mobile-friendly and simple to use and let administrators manage access security.

Some providers rely on a per-page pricing model that charges between $0.40 and $0.85 for each document scan or uploaded. This is an attractive fee plan if your online deals generate a limited number of documents. It’s also relatively inexpensive for companies exchanging small text documents. If your projects go over this limit, you could face high charges or overage fees.

Other providers offer a flat monthly cost, which can be ideal for extensive projects that have a long timeframe. This structure typically allows for the storage of a certain amount as well as unlimited users and pages, and is usually between $400 and $1000 per month. FirmRoom, for example, offers a flat monthly price that includes unlimited users and storage capacity for an annual contract.