iDeals VDR is widely recognized for its outstanding customer service and top-quality features. Users appreciate its simple interface, its granular permissions for users, and the latest security features. The provider is particularly popular with companies that carry out mergers and acquisitions. They appreciate the ability to view documents easily without having to download them, which helps keep discussions and negotiations private.

iDeals among other advantages, offers two-factor authentication. It also lets users login by using SMS verification codes. Administrators can define specific permissions and manage access on a room, document, and page-bypage basis. They can also put up a watermark to prevent the use of files that are not authorized and to track activities. iDeals also allows you to create customized workspaces that have cross-device accessibility.

The platform is accessible via SaaS browser or on-premise software, Android and iOS mobile devices, and Windows, Mac and Linux desktops. This flexibility allows for effective collaboration between employees at different locations and when international deals are being made. The iDeals Board software from the provider helps improve board meetings, and enhances collaboration when working on large projects.

iDeals offers a free 30-day trial and a variety of pricing solutions, including an assigned project manager as well as training sessions with experts, and unlimited archives. iDeals also provides customized estimates for large-scale projects. The cost of iDeals is contingent on a range of factors, including data preparation and the requirement for a secure single sign-on (SSO). iDeals is HIPAA-compliant and has multiple global data centers with biometric entry authentication technology. The company’s this page about The Evolution of Document Management multi-layered encryption protects corporate data and makes it available only to authorized users.