The boardroom app provides a central platform to facilitate meetings, digital communications and document storage that simplifies the process of making decisions for a board while increasing the efficiency of meetings. Board members can access all documents in a centralized online environment and keep everyone informed of changes and addendums by pressing on a button.

The software for board portals is also created with security in mind. It can limit the amount of time employees spend on the system as well as their editing capabilities and whether they are able to download or share files. It also provides an audit log of all actions that occur in the system. These tools allow companies to keep track of employee activities and ensure that they are in compliance with management standards.

When it comes to board governance technology is the way forward. A purpose-built board management solution not only makes meetings, communication and other decisions easy for members to access, but also can reduce the amount of time for administrative staff. It will provide a solid and reliable service, delivering the highest ROI.

Boardroom The Boardroom, a South African startup, is taking on the challenge. It’s been described as «the Tinder for working lovebirds,» it’s already got the attention of tech journalists and the business world in general. I caught up with co-founder and serial startup entrepreneur Serisha Barrat to learn more about the process behind it.