It is crucial that board members are aware of how to conduct these meetings efficiently as nonprofits continue to move away meetings in person and toward virtual meetings. Whether participants are in the same room or across the globe, there are numerous things that can affect the quality of meetings. For instance, a meeting participant may encounter technical difficulties such as a froze screen or the sudden loss of audio. These problems can occur however the best way to prevent them is to prepare in advance.

The preparation of an agenda prior to the meeting allows attendees to get a an idea of what’s in store and give feedback on potential issues prior to the meeting. This also helps the meeting run smoother since attendees can concentrate on the matters that are most urgent. The agenda can be arranged in a priority order and include the time slots for each subject. The agenda should also include an approximate meeting time to ensure that the attendees remain on track and do not exceed their allotted time.

A teleconference tool permits members to share their computer screen with other members of the team. This will ensure that the online meeting running smoothly. This is especially helpful if the board needs to present financial statements as well as committee reports or other kind of document that requires a visual representation.

This feature also permits users to make adjustments in real-time to a document that is being displayed to members of a group. This feature can be very beneficial for a group who is reviewing an excel spreadsheet that is based on data.

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