There are a variety of best practices for taking minutes of a board meetings that can improve the efficiency of your company. If you’re the secretary of the board or just taking notes, adopting these guidelines can make it easier to get accurate and clear minutes of every board meeting.

Begin by reviewing the meeting agenda. A well-organized agenda can help you organize the minutes of your meetings, making it easier to locate later. It’s also beneficial to create an agenda template which you can fill in as the board meetings progress. This will ensure that the information in the minutes is pertinent and that it follows a consistent format.

Taking business continuity planning bcp attendance: Recording who is in the room is important to record the final minutes. You can either add names on the agenda, or circulate a sign-in form and then record the results. This allows you to include an accurate attendance report with the minutes of the board.

Stick to your outline. Even in the event that the discussion diverges from the original topic, it’s important that you stick to your outline. By staying on topic, it’s easier to write a concise and clear minutes of meetings, which reflects the decision-making process of your company. Note the outcome of each motion, including the exact wording, who initiated it and whether it was accepted or not. Include any information about handouts or reports distributed during the meeting. Also, list any other alternatives that were considered when making major decisions.