Board portals offer an encrypted and secure digital platform for corporate governance to enhance collaboration, communication and information sharing. They aid in streamlining governance processes and help boards and their management reach greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Whether they’re in-person, virtual or hybrid meetings, board members must make meeting materials, communicate with other directors, and finish tasks before each session. These tasks can take up precious time which could be better spent on governance. Board portal software helps to reduce the amount of prep work by enabling members to access documents, communicate with their fellow directors, and request assignments from their secretary in one location.

As board-level records are some of the most sensitive documents in the company, they need to be secured from any unauthorized access. This can be accomplished by using an approach that is world-class and allows admins and members to sign digitally. This feature can be used for remote and hybrid meetings, and ensures authenticity with an integrated solution that allows fast, easy signatures.

Maintaining board documents in order is another key feature of a great portal. A well-designed dashboard allows board members to view meetings coming up and review the agenda. They can also set up meetings, keep track of their calendars and monitor the progress. It also allows them to quickly look through previous meetings to refresh themselves whenever they require. Furthermore, a task manager helps them keep track of their assignments and ensures that they’re ready for each meeting. This is crucial for busy directors who might be travelling or working at home.