You’ll have to send important files, or receive them if you work with team members, clients, or both. There are many types of documents that every business must keep track of. From brochures and agreements, as well as datasheets, to designs, videos, and invoices. File sharing is essential today. Email attachments and basic filing systems may have worked in the old days, but they’re no longer adequate.

The right tools for sharing documents help teams to collaborate and share files, as well as keep them organized. Choose a tool that has additional features, such as a Google-like search engine, and tagging so documents can be easily found. Choose a platform that has an unified naming system and organization to ensure that everyone uses the same format.

If you’re looking for an online tool to assist you in managing and securing your personal documents, look for a company that provides both encryption and password protection. This way, no one can gain access to your data without your knowledge.

There are numerous online document sharing platforms, including the popular Google Docs. The platform was designed to be a collection of productivity tools for teams, Google Docs is great for collaborating with team members in real-time, and making it easy to share documents with outside parties. It also lets users modify permissions for shared documents and folders. This permits access to edit or view to be given to team members. You can embed media files such as videos, images, or slides into documents.