Virtual meeting software is a viable alternative to in-person meetings or long phone calls that drain your time and energy. With it, you can gather colleagues and clients from around the world to collaborate on projects, resolve business issues, and keep track of each other.

Dialpad Meetings is an application for dial-in conference calls that allows you to connect online, whether you are planning to host a webcast or simply would like to meet a few of your friends. It lets you customize your meeting space and provides users with unique meeting URLs as well as backgrounds, video layouts and music on hold to create an experience that feels like a private conference.

Some of the most modern virtual meeting apps include whiteboards, real-time editing, and a chat feature that allows attendees to share screens and collaborate. These features can increase meeting efficiency and decrease the time spent trying to keep up with the presentations or keeping track of what each participant is writing.

Recording meetings is a great feature of virtual meeting software. This can be a fantastic option for those who are unable to attend a live meeting due to scheduling conflicts or travel issues, as well as other unexpected interruptions. Recordings let attendees review important information, or to listen to the entire meeting again should they need to.

Create an agenda for your virtual meeting and follow it throughout. Schedule a short wrap-up at the end of the meeting to discuss the decisions made and who is responsible for delivering on the action items. Also, make sure that your meetings end on time. Send follow-up emails on the same thread in the same manner as the invitation to all attendees.